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The Story Behind Handmade

It was late 2019, finished with school and I wanted to start a business

Little did we know that a pandemic would shut down the whole planet, that is what happened. I started making all-natural beauty products and a place for my mother to enjoy her retirement years making artwork. It would have been fine with trade shows to work, but once again the pandemic stopped that from happening. I attempted selling online in a very saturated marketplace where everyone seemed to have the same idea. I was not happy with the results, so my husband, who also is the host of The Funded Project said, why do you not offer these services to small businesses?


Fast forward a few months later, 


Now I am designing custom branded clothing for businesses, logos, menus, and anything art-related for your business. With the backing from Metromedia Funding Solutions, we have been able to operate in collaboration with The Funded Project and Metromedia to help small businesses have access to high-quality marketing products that would normally be too expensive for small businesses and start-ups to afford.


Here we are today,


I have designed several businesses' product lines and logos, built art pieces for businesses to display in offices, and helped several start-ups and small businesses have high-end branding products and want to do the same for you.


Welcome to Handmade Treasures 

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